mineroo g2 perspective
text dual mining

dual mining dual profit

text dual profit

Mineroo G2 is the world’s first graphic card mining rig designed and optimized for dual mining

ETH + TON combo gives you more profit than ever before on the same machine!

mineroo g2 dual mining dual profit
text three handles

3 handles 2 orientations

text two orientations

Mineroo G2 has a unique 3-handle design that allows easy carrying with 2 rig orientations.

Depending on your mining farm design, you can easily fit your rigs either in upright orientation or lay down orientation.

mineroo g2 two orientations
text more compact

more compact less heat

text less heat

Mineroo G2 is a major breakthrough is GPU rig design, making it very easy to put more rigs in a small space.

It produces less heat with precision controlled ventilation design that reduces cost on AC cooling drastically.

mineroo g2 less heat

Yours all for JUST 1 Payment of

aed 4,500